Specializing in Commercial, Industrial, Farm and Vacant Land

Specializing in Commercial, Industrial, Farm and Vacant Land

As a fully certified and insured member of The Appraisal Institute of Canada we offer appraisal services for all types of real estate properties for the purpose of financing, refinancing, sale or estate settlement. We do appraisals for all the major Canadian Banks, Trust Companies and affiliated lenders. Our clients have included appraisals of vast multiple residential developments throughout Ontario for the Canadian Federal Government, unique appraisals of industrial, commercial properties likes nursing and retirement homes, lifestyle communities, resorts, condominiums, ski resorts, golf courses, ranches, farms and developmental lands.

We are current and prepared for any assignment and linked to additional appraisal resources for large assignments and are available to review other appraisal reports.

For more information or to book an appointment, please contact or email me directly.

James F. H. Barnes

B.A., M.I.M.A., A.A.C.I, F.R.I., P.APP.

Email: jfhbarnes@gmail.com